Google-owned Bump and Flock file sharing apps shutting down on January 31st


In September, Google acquired Bump, one of the most popular file sharing apps that’s been around since 2009 and has allowed users to share contacts and other files through bumping two devices together, and now, three months later, the team behind Bump has announced that it will be taking the app off the Google Play Store (and Apple’s App Store). The reason? According to company CEO and co-founder David Lieb, the team behind the app is now “deeply focused” new projects within Google, leaving scarce resources to maintain Bump.

Also getting the axe is Flock, which is basically like Bump but only for photos and pictures. Both services will be shutting down on January 31st, until which users of either service can download all their data – there are rumors Flock might be integrated in Google+, but that probably won’t mean currently stored user data will be retained. As for the reason behind shutting down Bump, well, let’s hope Google has plans for improving on their Android Beam feature, which currently lets users share files, links, and other data through NFC and Bluetooth (and Wi-Fi Direct in some cases, such as webpage and other links.)

Source: Bump

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