Google Glass could be priced at $600, fail to create a storm before 2016

Google Glass 2 -1

Privacy and safety advocates might have lambasted Google Glass, but the fact remains that Glass (or wearable glasses) is perhaps the most exciting piece of technology that many have been looking forward to in 2014. However, according to Robert Scoble, one of the first to try Glass, Google’s smart glasses might not be able to make it big in 2014, and will instead make their mark only around two years after launch, in 2016.

The biggest reason is, according to Scoble, the price at which Glass will be sold. Scoble says that Google might not be able to bring down the price of Glass below $500, and that it will likely sell in retail for $600 or more. Not because that’s the cost of making it, but because it is a new product category that comes with a wholly new way of doing things, and things like the need of a Google employee in stores to help people learn how to use Glass will keep costs high for the foreseeable future. Scoble also mentions other issues that will plague Glass in the beginning, like a lack of apps (and lack of interest from developers, like Facebook), poor battery life, and the fact that Google has been too slow to iterate and improve Glass.

Even if these obstacles are overcome, the $500-$600 price will likely keep Glass away from mass adoption, an example of which is the Samsung Galaxy Gear, whose $299 price tag has kept it from being the success Samsung had hoped it would be. Google could go under $300 in a couple of years, but in this cutthroat technology market, even a year might be too late; according to Scoble, Google really needs to start simmering consumer expectation in Glass, and say it out lout that it’s a product that might not be ready for prime time until a few years.

Scoble gives a lot of interesting points based on his experience with Google Glass, so go ahead and hit the source link to find out exactly why the man thinks Glass is a product for the future, but not the immediate future.

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