Google files patent that turns conversations into comic strips

Google seems to be working on something interesting we might see in the near future that should turn personal messaging a little more fun – comic strips conversations.  According to a patent filed by Google seen and reported by the folks at Engadget, Google may have the weirdest yet interesting idea of turning your conversations – email, sms or chat messages – into geeky comic strips.

Google Conversation Comic Patent

he patent reveals that Google will take conversations between a group of two or more people and turn it into a comic strip a lot like the Bitstrips that have grown popular in the social media over the past couple of months.  Interestingly, it is revealed that Google filed for this patent back in February 2010 but the date of patent is indicated as Dec 31st 2013.

The idea behind this patent is that Google will work on a system that will generate the comic strips in real time and share them through messaging or through the social media and enthusiasts are already pointing at Google+ as the first Google service most likely to get a boost from the comic strip conversation feature.  The comic strip generation tool works a lot like another of Google’s features – Auto-Awesome photo on G+.

It is unclear how exactly this feature will be receivced or who could be the target audience – the geeks who love comic books or the hip youngsters addicted to messaging.  One thing we know though, this will make conversations a lot more interesting and and if Google does it right, it could be a game changer for Google+ and other Google’s personal communication services such as Hangouts and SMS on Android devices.

For now, let’s wait and see.

Source: Pat2Pdf via Engadget

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