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German authorities destroy 250 fake Galaxy S4 handsets

Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a very popular handset around the globe. And as with any popular handset, there are bound to be a lot of fakes in the market as well. German authorities recently confiscated some Galaxy S4 lookalikes and have seemingly destroyed them. Reports claim that over 250 fake Galaxy S4s were recovered, which was originally believed to be just cables from Hong Kong, but authorities at the Stuttgart Airport grew suspicious when the alleged cables were said to be of only $2,000 in value, which is what prompted them to individually open the packages.

It is said that these fake Galaxy S4 smartphones were headed towards Georgia and were caught midway through its original destination. We have to commend the German authorities for picking up this massive consignment of fake Galaxy S4 smartphones and destroying them to avoid customers from being fooled. This revelation has certainly come as a wakeup call for the authorities and we hope this will prompt them to be more aware of suspect shipments like these in the future.

Source: Stuttgarter-Nachrichten – Translated

Via: Phone Arena

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