Galaxy S4 Auto Adjust Problems in Brightness

Galaxy S4 Auto Adjust Problems in Brightness

Here is a question which was sent to us via The Droid Guy Mailbag:

“Hi, I’ve read your articles that discuss Galaxy S4 display problems. I tried searching there my problem with my S4 but I didn’t find it. My S4 is auto adjusting its brightness even though it is not in auto brightness under settings. It lowers its brightness automatically. Please help me thanks.”

Possible Factors Triggering the Galaxy S4 Auto Adjust Problems

Among the elements likely causing the Galaxy S4 auto adjust problems are the following:

1. Apps that Provide Auto Adjustments in Screen Display

You might have downloaded an app which provides auto display adjustments. Try to locate it then disable or uninstall it to ensure that your phone will no longer automatically adjust its brightness.

Other apps may also be going “loco” which are triggering the issue. To confirm if this is the factor causing the issue, enter Safe Mode and observe if the problem still persists. If Safe Mode somehow eliminates the issue, it means third-party apps are definitely causing the trouble. To solve the glitch, uninstall any suspicious apps in your phone and reboot it.

2. Reset App Preferences

Some changes in the global settings of your device may also be the root of the Galaxy S4 auto adjust problems. A way to fix this is by resetting the app preferences of the phone. You will lose all the customizations that you have made to your device though.

3. Factory Reset

If all else fails or if you are having trouble locating the third-party app which is generating the problem, perform a factory reset. This will wipe out all the problematic system files in your device but this will also delete all your stored data so be sure to backup first.

4. Have the Phone Checked by a Technician

When the problem still occurs under Safe Mode, the problem may no longer be confined to the software of the phone. If this is the case, have its hardware checked by a technician for a possible defect in its touchscreen.

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