How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Unable to Connect to S Beam/NFC

In this content, we will elaborate the steps on how to fix Samsung Galaxy Note 2 that is unable to connect to another device using S Beam/NFC or Near Field Communication, thus, preventing you from sending a file to another device.

Such problem can be due to several factors such as:

  • The device is locked.
  • Device is not properly lined up.
  • Outdated device software.
  • Files for transfer are copyrighted or not stored on the device.
  • Third-party battery is installed.
  • The connection is interfered by third-party accessory.
  • S Beam/NFC is disabled on either or both devices.


Perform the following steps to determine what really is causing the problem:

  1. Remove all third-party accessories such as back cover, sleeves or cases from the device.
  2. Check the battery and see if it is Samsung-approved. Use only the Samsung battery with Near Field Communication printed on its label.
  3. Check the file you are trying to send. It has to be saved locally and is not copyrighted.

HINT: Contents stored on Google trade as well as downloaded media from content providers like Samsung Hub, Blockbuster and Netflix cannot be transferred using S Beam.

  1. Is your device software updated? If not, check for any available software updates for your device and go for an upgrade this time. Typically, latest software updates are rolled out to fix certain glitches from prior OS release.

Follow these steps to verify S Beam settings configuration:

  1. Touch the Menu icon from the Home screen.
  2. Touch Settings to continue.
  3. Touch Connections to get to connection options available.
  4. Touch S Beam to see its current settings.
  5. Touch the OFF slider to turn S Beam feature ON.
  6. As recommended, the S Beam or NFC has to be enabled on the device you want to share the content with.
  7. Open a gallery and choose any picture to share.
  8. Touch the devices simultaneously (back to back) with both of them unlocked.

HINT: Both devices should be active and should not be in screen off mode or lock screen to allow the S Beam connection to work. As part of the device’s security features, the NFC communication is turned off when the device’s screen is off or locked.

  1. An on-screen prompt that says Touch to Beam will appear on the device you are sending the content from. To initialize the beaming process, touch the content on the screen.
  2. Separate the two devices when prompted and the content will start to transfer.
  3. Wait until the transfer is complete. Once done, the content will be displayed on the receiving device’s screen.

NOTE: Transfer times may vary from a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on the size of the content being sent.

Last option to resolve S Beam/NFC file transfer problem with Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is through Factory Data Reset. However, using this feature will also mean losing of all personal information stored in your device. Once removed, the information can no longer be retrieved unless you have created a back-up. To recover necessary information saved on your device, please create a back-up of your files or save them to another storage before initiating a complete factory data reset.

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