Failed Text Messages in Samsung Galaxy S4

Failed Text Messages in GS4

A new email came in to us via The Droid Guy Mailbag which reads, “Hi The Droid Guy, I love my Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile phone and we get along just fine most of the time, except for one annoying problem which occurs infrequently and usually when I need a quick response. My provider is Telstra and mobile phone coverage is good in the lower Blue Mountains west of Sydney. I send many text messages and sometimes they might fail at any time during the day. I switch off my mobile, reboot and have another go at sending a text. Sometimes this works, sometimes not. I’m just curious why this happens to some S4’s and not to others. I would be grateful for any light you could shed on the problem. Thank you.”

Possible Causes of the Failed Text Messages in SG4

Here are the possible factors triggering the issue as well as the solutions to the problem:

1. Problem with the Carrier or Interference

Among the main causes of the failed text messages in the SG4 are related to the carrier or some sort of interference in the area of the phone. Try to insert the SIM that you are using in your GS4 to another compatible device to confirm if it is not a SIM card or carrier issue. Try going around the area as well while observing the signal if it fluctuates to determine if there is some sort of interference to your device.

2. Issue with the Text Messaging App

As much as possible, stick with the stock messaging app of your Galaxy S4. Update it regularly too in order to minimize or eliminate bugs.

3. Clear Cache and Clear Data

Clear the cache of the text messaging app. If that does not work, proceed to clear its data too. Be reminded though that clearing its data will reset the configurations that you have set in your app.

4. Interference of Third-Party Apps

While experiencing the problem, check if there are third-party apps triggering it by entering Safe Mode. Observe if there is an improvement with the text messaging of your phone. If you no longer encounter the problem with failed text messages, that confirms that there are indeed third-party apps causing all the trouble. But if the issue persists, it may already be hardware related.

5. Internal Antenna is Defective

Among the key components of the device that may give you the trouble sending text messages is a defective antenna. If the other solutions don’t work, you might be looking at this problem already. But just to be sure, have person with technical expertise to help you determine if it is the antenna causing the failed text messages.

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