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Carbon for Twitter Runs Out Of Tokens


The venerable Twitter client Carbon is no more. Just a few weeks after getting a massive update to version 2.0, the app has run into Twitter’s self-imposed 100,000 users per client limit. Soon, there will be no more tokens and the app will reject all new users.

Twitter imposed this 100,000 users per client limit back in 2012. Many apps have run into this limit, including Falcon Pro and Tweet Lanes.

While the developer of Falcon Pro has since allowed users to create their own tokens, Carbon will not follow this trend. Updates will continue for Carbon, but new users will be unable to use the app.

This is another disappointing loss for the Twitter community that uses 3rd-party clients. But this will get more inevitable as time goes on. Eventually, all of the popular apps will hit this limit and we’ll all be using Twitter’s own app.

But this is where services like thrive. There’s no token limit and there are no ads. It’s only (pretty much) for tech geeks, thanks to either there being a 40-following limit unless you’re on a paid account.

Maybe the developer of Carbon, M. Saleh Esmaeili, should make an client. But it sounds like he has something else up his sleeves.

So we lost another Twitter client. If you used Carbon (or now can no longer even try it) are you sad that it’s lost? I know that I am.

Source: M.Saleh Esmaeili’s Google+ Page

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