Bluebird BM180 Phone Can Run Android, Windows Phone Variant

We’ve all heard of dual-SIM smartphones but what about a dual-boot smartphone? Aside from the upcoming Geeksphone Revolution which can either run Android or Firefox OS another device manufacturer is about to release a smartphone that can run two different operating systems.

Korean handheld device maker Bluebird announced a 5-inch device called the BM180 which can run Android 4.2 and a preview version of Windows Embedded 8 Handheld. This is the first time that Android and a variant of Windows Phone Os will exist in a single device.

A BP30 model is also going to be released which is a rugged version of the BM180.

A press release of the company says that “Retailers are attempting to manage their stores in the most efficient way through the integration of voice and data communications into one single device. The use of Mobile POS terminals has significantly decreased the waiting time at the checkout lines. Bluebird has proactively addressed this changing environment, starting with their enterprise BM series mobile computer in 2004. Building on this market experience, Bluebird is launching the BM180 / BP30, the first Windows Embedded 8 Handheld devices to be available.”


Bluebird details that this device targets enterprise customers and not the regular consumer and in fact a major US retailer is already slated to get this device.

Windows Embedded 8 Handheld is Microsoft’s point-of-sale optimized solution. Last year, several OEMs partnered with this program including Bluebird. Officials of Bluebird announced in January 2013 that the company wanted to release the first Embedded 8 Handheld devices in the market.

The company will also be launching its BP80 Windows based business tablet with the BM180 and BP30 across the United States. Despite targeting the enterprise user these devices comes with a user friendly interface.

No information was provided on the specifications and pricing of these upcoming devices.

via zdnet

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