AUO Corp starts mass production of 6 inch 2K WQHD display panels

AUO WQHDWe expect to see plenty of smartphones with a 2K display in the near future with reports of Samsung, LG and even little known manufacturers launching devices with a 2K display. We are now hearing of a manufacturer named AUO Corp beginning to mass produce 2K WQHD panels in a 6 inch configuration, for potential implementation with phablets in the future. Frankly, a 2K phablet would be ideal in this day and age as all those pixels will make sense on a larger panel. These 6 inch panels come with a relatively narrow 0.9mm bezel space, which is ideal for a modern device. AUO also brags of using Low-Temperature Poly-Silicon method of production with features like Advanced Hyper Viewing Angle for its panels, giving it a considerable advantage over the competition.

There’s still no word on which manufacturers will team up with AUO to bring these 6 inch 2K panels to the market in the form of a smartphone, but it is quite clear that quite a few Chinese manufacturers will be included in that list. We can expect devices with this panel to hit markets by mid-2014 or slightly later.

Source: AUO

Via: Android Community