Audi Announces Android Powered Smart Display Tablet

If you are wondering what premium carmaker Audi is doing at the CES 2014, it’s not to show a new car model but instead an Android tablet. The Audi Smart Display is a 10.2-inch full HD device that uses a Tegra 4 processor and a skinned launcher that’s designed for car use. The company recently announced its participation in the Open Automobile Alliance and this new tablet is its first attempt to combine Android with its cars.

The Audi Smart Display is designed to be used by passengers of Audi cars using in-car Wi-Fi and LTE through its partnership with AT&T. The device comes in a brushed aluminum casing and can be used inside the car or out. The company says that it is extremely durable and can withstand harsh temperatures ranging from extreme cold to the blistering sun with an operating temperature of -40°C/F and 80°C/176°F. It is also designed to withstand collisions.

The tablet can connect to the car’s infotainment system and acts as a controller. Users will be able to play music, stream music to the car’s speakers from the tablet, adjust the climate control, and many more.

Audi development executive Ricky Hudi said that “It has been developed specifically for in-car use.” It is able to provide vital information such as speedometer, tachometer, fuel range calculations as well as oil level and tire pressure alerts.

Audi did not show the complete software that’s being used in the Smart Display however it was announced that it will have access to the Google Play Store which means it can download and install hundreds of thousands of apps from the store.

There’s no information yet as to how this tablet is going to be sold. It’s probably going to be an optional accessory to those who will be buying a new Audi car. No release date has also been announced yet.

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