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AT&T: Switch from T-Mobile, get up to $450 in credit


T-Mobile CEO John Legere recently tweeted his company’s plans to transform the wireless industry in 2014, and these plans included not giving AT&T a break in T-Mobile’s bid to become the most preferred carrier in the country. Well, AT&T must have taken things to heart, and it seems it’s an all out war henceforth – as its first countermove, AT&T is offering T-Mobile customers up to $450 in credit if they decided to switch to the former’s “superior” network.

Starting today, those who switch will be able to trade-in their current smartphone for a promotion card of up to $250, with the value based on what phone it is and how long it’s been in use. Then, when they transfer their service to AT&T and choose AT&T’s Next plan, buy a device outright without a contract, or activate a device they currently own, the carrier will through in an additional $200 of credit. For those wondering why a device trade-in is necessary, it’s because AT&T and T-Mobile’s 4G LTE networks aren’t fully compatible, requiring one to buy an AT&T-branded device if they intend to use high speed internet.

So, is the $450 credit alluring enough to make you switch from T-Mobile to AT&T?

Source: AT&T

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