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AT&T customers can now upgrade their smartphone every six months with AT&T Next

AT&T Next

AT&T has just announced the availability of a slightly modified version of the AT&T Next early upgrade program for all current customers. According to the revised AT&T Next plans, customers who signed up for the AT&T Next plan can get a new device six every months. This applies to customers who have signed up for a two year contract by the 18th of January who can apply for a new device six months through their contract period. However, customers who signed up a two year agreement on or after the 19th of January will have to wait 20 months to be able to upgrade their device, so AT&T will waive 4 months off the contract duration.

AT&T also announced its new range of Mobile Share plans which allows customers to add new lines to their account for as little as $25. AT&T is clearly trying to play catch up with Verizon Edge and T-Mobile Jump which have offered excellent early upgrade plans for its customers, so it is ultimately good for the consumers when there is plenty of competition among carriers.

Source: PR NewsWire

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