Atheer One Smart Glasses Supports Natural Interaction

Smart glasses are new devices expected to be released commercially soon. Leading the way in the development of this type of device is Google with its popular Google Glasses. There are also other lesser known developers coming up with their own models and one of which is Atheer Labs with its Atheer One smart glasses.

The Atheer One is currently raising funds over at Indiegogo with a goal of reaching $100,000. With 17 days left to go before the campaign ends $127,148 has already been raised which means that this project will be funded.

What makes the Atheer One different from Google Glasses is that the device uses your existing smartphone as its brain. It connects to your smartphone using a microUSB cord and is able to transform your phone into a 26 inch HD floating display positioned just 50 centimeters away from your face.

Controls are made through air gestures which allows for navigating through menus or launching apps without the need to touch a physical button. This type of technology will bring in a new experience in the way we play our favorite games such as Fruit Ninja or Angry Birds.

Atheer Labs will actually be offering two devices which are scheduled for release this year. These are The Atheer One which is aimed at regular consumers and the Atheer Dev Kit which is aimed at developers.

Atheer One

  • Is an accessory to your Android phone
  • Able to show you an Android tablet that is 26″ HD and is floating at around 50cms away from your face
  • The external lenses that ship with it are see-through
  • You can connect to your PC over remote desktop
  • You can connect to devices over Bluetooth and Wifi
  • Developers will be able to create new 3D apps

Atheer Dev Kit

  • Is a full system that includes everything that is in your tablet
  • It will be able to show you an Android tablet that is 15″ HD and is floating at around 50cms away from your face. The air touch has mm-accuracy and very low latency.
  • External lenses are see-through, and are exchangeable.
  • You can connect to your PC for development over ADB, USB, or wirelessly
  • The best platform to develop next gen applications

If you wish to support this project a $500 donation will allow you to own an Atheer One with an expected shipping date of December 2014. An $850 donation will allow you to own the Atheer Dev Kit which is expected to ship out on June 2014.

via indiegogo

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