Archos Smartwatch will launch this summer for $50

Archos SmartwatchThe Archos smartwatch which was extensively previewed much before the CES event went live has now received an ETA. According to Archos, this smartwatch should hit markets sometime during the summer this year which is approximately six months away from now. Considering that the smartwatch is priced at $50, we don’t think the delay will matter much. Archos is reportedly looking to bring multiple models into the market, including a color as well as an aluminum casing model, which is great news.

We’re guessing the company is testing the waters with this $50 device to assess the market conditions. Given that it’s pretty similar to the Pebble smartwatch, coupled by the fact that it’s a good $100 cheaper, the Archos Smartwatch becomes an immediate choice over the competition. The second iteration of the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch is expected to break cover next month, but we don’t think it will be anything like the Archos smartwatch as Samsung has a slightly different approach with its smartwatch, both with functionality and pricing.

Via: Pocketnow

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    NOW, you’re talkin’. About the right price. So, lets see what they can put in that is actually USEFUL for non-fitness junkies.

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