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Android tablets with Intel’s 64 bit Bay Trail chip coming in Q2 2014

Intel Bay TrailThe CEO of Intel Brian Krzanich has mentioned that the company’s Bay Trail chipsets for Android tablets will start rolling out in Q2 of this year. The Intel head gave away this info at the company’s quarterly earnings call. This chipset will be 64 bit as we all know and will interest the hardware savvy Android fans, although the technology isn’t fully there yet to support 64-bit chipsets. We’re guessing Google will make necessary adjustments to support 64-bit architecture with an update to Android in the near future. Another advantage of having a 64-bit chipset will be support for 4GB of RAM, which will transform handheld Android devices to a powerhouse, although the amount of RAM on a device isn’t necessarily a good indicator of performance.

The CEO said – “Most of the Bay Trail Android tablets really start showing up more in Q2 than in Q1…remember we made a shift, an original program for Bay Trail was all Windows…and so you know our OEM partners as well are targeting more towards Q2.”

It will be interesting to see who will partner with Intel to bring these chips to the market and we’re guessing the likes of Lenovo and other Chinese manufacturers will be among the first. Let’s hope the Atom based Bay Trail chips live up to the hype and deliver solid performance for the Android fans.

Source: CNET

Via: Android Guys

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