AMD Brings Android Support To Windows Through BlueStacks

AMD and BlueStacks have announced that they have collaborated together to bring Android to Windows. This comes just days after Intel’s announcement that it will provide a way to make Android run from within Windows. AMD however might have the upper hand as its latest processors will include an ARM chip, the same architecture that Android apps use, making it possibly more efficient.


The previous version of BlueStacks was an app player however this new technology to be used will be able to run the full version of Android on an AMD device. AMDs version will allow Android to run in a virtual environment which is different from Intel’s implementation which requires users to switch between both operating systems.

According to Steve Belt, corporate vice president Product Management at AMD, “Windows and Android are both mature operating systems, each satisfying the needs of millions of users. Users whose devices and preferences span the two ecosystems no longer have to face device-specific restrictions on the benefits of one ecosystem or the other because AMD and BlueStacks have created a seamless user experience between the operating systems.  Now users have access to all the apps — games, communications and content consumption — they love on their Android mobile devices right at their fingertips, while getting important productivity tasks or high-end PC gaming accomplished on their Windows PC.”

Some of the key features of BlueStacks running on 4th generation AMD processors are as follows

  • The same Android interface such as settings, customizations, and controls
  • Can run Android apps at full screen resolution with the help of direct access to AMD graphics
  • Supports hundreds of thousands of apps from the various Android app stores
  • Seamless interoperability allowing Android apps to access files in the Windows system

Rosen Sharma, CEO of BlueStacks, said that “We’re working with AMD to build the next great PC and AMD’s industry-leading hardware allows for a more flexible experience with Android apps on the PC for end-users. AMD shares our vision of Mobile Plus in providing users with easy access to their favorite Android games, mobile apps and productivity tools from all their devices and moving towards a more open/shared ecosystem.”

via gizmodo