Amazon Android Game Console To Launch This Year, Priced Below $300

When speaking of dedicated Android gaming devices there are only a few models available in the market so far. The choices include OUYA, GameStick, M.O.J.O., and the NVIDIA Shield just to name a few. There’s definitely potential for further growth in this market which is why one big company is rumored to enter the scene.

According to a report made by VG24/7 Amazon will be launching a dedicated gaming and entertainment device which will cost less than $300. This is still a rather high price considering that other Android gaming consoles are priced far less such as the OUYA which starts at $99.

The device is going to run on the Android operating system and is said to take on the heavyweights in the market such as Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. Aside from downloading and streaming games this device also acts as an entertainment center where consumers can get their movies, music, and TV content from Amazon or from other sources.

Several senior publishers have been meeting with Amazon to get a briefing on the hardware which right now is said to have different codenames. Those who have seen it say that it is similar in size to the PSone, has a grey color and oblong shape, and has sharp edges. This may be a prototype version and the final production version may look different. It is said to be developed in partnership with subsidiary Lab 126 which is known for designing the Kindle.

While other Android console devices have generally failed to win over the gamers, with the exception of hobbyists, Amazon may change this. The company is backed by a customer base of more than 200 million people. Since the upcoming device will offer more than just gaming but the Amazon experience as well there is a very good chance that it will become a hit.

The company is reportedly going to make this device as the center point in a living room. All of the services offered by Amazon will then be made available on the home TV.

There is still no information on the specs of this upcoming hardware however previous rumors suggest that it will be using a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

Amazon has not made any official comments regarding this device however its latest statement made last month made hints. “We are working on a revolutionary V1 product that will allow us to deliver Digital Media to our customers in new ways and disrupt the current marketplace. We have teams in various locations partnering on this product from Sunnyvale [and] Seattle to right here in Boston. We believe this new product will be even bigger than Kindle.”

via vg247

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