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Xiaomi’s Project Ara competitor inadvertently leaked by the company CEO

Xiaomi Magic CubeMotorola unveiled the Project Ara concept back in October which planned to bring user customizable hardware to customers around the world. This was very well received by the public and it was only a matter of time until we saw a competitor surface. We’re seeing something similar from Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi which will reportedly call it the Magic Cube. An image of the concept was shown off by the CEO and Founder of the company, Lei Jun. Although the image has been taken down now, it does give us an idea of what’s going on behind the scenes at Xiaomi.

There’s no word on when Xiaomi will be ready with its modular smartphone design or if it will make its way outside China, but we remain hopeful. While it is very similar to what we saw on Project Ara, it’s not exactly the same. The smartphone shown in the image appears to have a display which is fused onto the main board of the device, which means that one can’t remove the display without taking out the entire main board. A small hindrance in what could be a pretty interesting concept. We hope to learn more about this concept in the coming months as we await Motorola’s first Project Ara prototype.

Source: Weibo – Chinese

Via: Talk Android

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