Xiaomi Celebrates As It Reaches 30 Million MIUI Users

Yesterday we reported that CyanogenMod hit the 10 million user mark. Another alternative Android user interface has also reached an important milestone but this time with a much larger user base. Xiaomi has reported that it is celebrating for reaching 30 million active users for its MIUI software. This figure includes phones that run MIUI straight out of the box and those that have installed the software on their Android device as a ROM.

The company says that based on his figure, 1 in every 48 people in China have MIUI running on their Android devices. That is assuming China has a total population of 1.48 billion.

MIUI is a heavily customized Android version that comes with several features not found in stock Android such as toggles on the notification pull-down, new music, gallery, and camera apps, and a new phone dialer that displays contacts as the user types in a number. Several Xiaomi smartphones have MIUI pre-installed. Those who want o try out the user interface may also download the MIUI ROM and install it on their devices.

The key features of MIUI include

  • Better Call & SMS experience: Contacts can be easily found using the dialpad. Full screen avatars are displayed when you receive a call. Information on incoming calls is displayed on the screen such as location of caller, spam call indicator. Blocks out unwanted calls.
  • Privacy protection: Comes with Kingsoft, Wall-E, LBE and other security software.
  • Customizations: Comes with personalized themes, various lockscreens, and various MiSpace to choose from.
  • Larger font design: Makes text easier to read
  • Over 200 functions: Includes several functions such as Lockscreen Flashlight, Weather, Notes, Toggles Drop Down Bar, Alarm Clock Always On, One Click Cache Clean up, and much more.

Another achievement of Xiaomi is that it has received over RMB 30 million (around $4.9 million) in monthly revenue generated from the apps, games, and theme customizations that users install using MIUI.

This is important for the company since it is one of the core components of its profits. Selling Android devices isn’t one of the company’s cash cows since it is selling the devices at near production costs.

By getting more of its devices in the hands of people the company aims to make up for the low cost of their handsets from its various services such as its theme, app, book, and game store.

Xiaomi is confident that it will reach its target of selling 20 million smartphones for this year. This will generate revenue of more or less $5 billion. This is a far greater target from its 2012 achievement of 7 million smartphones sold with revenues reaching $2 billion.

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