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Verizon Moto G launching on January 9th for $100 off-contract?


Ask anyone which is the best unlocked smartphone in the market today under $200, and the answer would no doubt be Motorola’s Moto G, a device that offers mid-range specs at a low price of $179 for the low model. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better for the budget smartphone category, a leaked photo of the Verizon Moto G’s retail packaging has revealed that the carrier could be offering the Moto G for an astoundingly low $99.99 off-contract, when it launches on January 9th through Verizon and Best Buy stores.

A $100 price tag would make the Moto G a bestseller within days, and it could spell trouble for other manufacturers that make cheap devices for the prepaid market, cheap both in price and specifications. As Motorola had announced when the Moto G was launched, the Verizon Moto G will also come with Android 4.4 KitKat out of the box, which will make the $100 price tag even more enticing, along with the unlimited text, calls, and a data plan of choice that the phone will apparently come with. The only disadvantage would be the lack of LTE and, for some, the lack of expandable storage, but then again, at $100 it would be almost evil to complain.

Would you pick up a Moto G on Verizon for $100?


Via: Droid-Life

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