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Unlocked Moto X on Sale Again on Wednesday After Serious Downtime Yesterday

Unlocked Moto X

When news about the sale of the unlocked Moto X on Cyber Monday at a slashed price came out, buyers immediately flocked the MotoMaker website to be able to get hold of the device and take advantage of the offer. But the problem is that the site wasn’t able to handle the roaring traffic that ensued. As a result, the website experienced a serious downtime during the event  and Motorola wasn’t able to successfully go on with the event.

According to GSM Arena, the huge traffic was brought about by people trying to make simultaneous orders in order to take advantage of the sale. The report added that the downtime led to no one being able to make a purchase.

One More Chance

Buyers who weren’t able to grab the chance to buy the discounted unlocked Moto X should not lose hope though. Based on the same source, Motorola will be putting back the offer tomorrow (Wednesday, December 4 at 12PM EST/9AM PST). The unlocked Moto X 16GB will be on sale again for the same price offered last Cyber Monday which is $349.99 while the 32GB edition will be provided at $399.99.

A Piece of Advice

Be sure to prepare yourself before the clock counts down to the Wednesday event if you want to be among the first ones to take advantage of the offer. There is no telling when the site will go down again if the traffic gets into a point that it can no longer handle.

Last Chance

Now, if you will not be fortunate enough to cut in line this coming Wednesday or, by chance, another blunder happens again during the scheduled event (which we hope does not take place), you will still have a chance to get the discounted unlocked Moto X from the Motorola store next Monday (December 9).

Unlocked Moto X Specs

Check out the link to our first article about the event to get a preview of the unlocked Moto X specs.

Source: GSM Arena

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