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Tweedle App Review: Beautiful And Powerful

I’ll be honest, I usually don’t like third-party Twitter clients. For me, they’re usually cumbersome with their design and are bogged down with features I don’t use. Even on my HTC One, they are sometimes slow. That’s not the case with a new app, Tweedle.

Tweedle is beautiful. The default theme is a dark blue scheme. And it’s customizable. You can continue using the default color scheme or pick another one. At the time of posting, there are 9 different themes to choose from, other than the default.One of the themes is “Falcon”. It changes the app’s design so that it looks like Falcon Pro, an app that many Android users have used for a long time. It makes the app black, with gray squares surrounding individual tweets.


There is another theme called “AMOLED” that makes the app almost entirely black.


The other themes are actually based on the different sections of the Google Play Store. The different schemes match the colors of Google Play Music, Google Play Movies, and more.

The “Play: Music” theme gives the app the orange colors of the Play Music app. “Play: Books” gives the app the light blue scheme of Google Play Books. There are also others, as seen in the screenshots.

There are different columns you can use in the app, to get to different areas of Twitter. They are as follows:
  • Timeline
  • Mentions
  • Messages
  • Favorites
  • Retweets Of Me
  • Trends
  • Search
  • List
The default three that are visible are “Timeline”, “Mentions”, and “Messages”. You can easily add the others in the settings and organize them in the order you want. So if you want “Search” as the main page you are placed into when you open the app, you can make it the default.

You also get filters. If you have used Tweetbot on an iOS or Mac device, these should be familiar. They allow you to not have tweets displayed because certain words, usernames, or clients.So if you want to mute, say, “Apple event”, you can. It permanently mutes what you select it to, but you can undo that easily in the settings. It’s very convenient, especially if you want to mute, say, spoilers for a TV show or a movie before you have seen it.
Twitter’s own app recently introduced inline images that can be displayed automatically in the timeline. This is included here, too, and it is unchecked by default. One feature that is really useful, though, is inline Twitlonger.If you are unfamiliar with Twitlonger, it is a service that allows you to create tweets over 140 characters. You type in, on their site, the entire content of the tweet you want to post. It creates a link that your followers can click on to see the entirety of something you’re saying.It’s in the app as well, and allows you to both automatically create and view Twitlonger posts. That’s really handy, if you’ve got something to say that’s longer than Twitter’s 140 character limit.

There’s a couple nice bonus features in here, too. Instagram links are no longer displayed as the “card” previews directly in tweets. That’s supported here, along with other image services Twitter doesn’t support, such as Droplr. There’s also a Google Translate button, so you can read tweets posted in other languages.

This app isn’t without its share of minor bugs, though. One problem I’ve found, though, is that I can’t figure out how to delete the columns from being displayed. But I’m probably missing something, so it’s probably there.

The notifications aren’t push notifications, they are just “refresh” notifications. This means that the app basically refreshes Twitter every so often to see if new mentions or messages have come in. But since this is a brand-new release, this feature will most likely be added later.

Yet those are only minor issues that can probably be fixed with a new bug-fixing update. This really is a great app! And it’s free! It is supported by very non-intrusive ads. They only display after you tap on a tweet and are very small. And they can be removed with a simple $1.49 in-app purchase.

I really suggest you try out Tweedle. It’s a beautiful, yet perfectly powerful Twitter client. As I said, it’s free in the Google Play Store. So go ahead and try it.

Google Play: Tweedle

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