Tips on How to Take Care of Smartphone Battery

Smartphone Battery

We have been receiving a lot of problems in Mailbag related to Smartphones draining up their batteries fast or having issues with their power supply. Most of the time, the problem is attributed to the Smartphone battery itself or a hardware problem caused by abusing the battery too much.

As they say prevention is better than cure, so we are giving away practical tips on how to take care of your Smartphone battery to avoid plenty of problems related to it.

Tip #1

Do not overcharge your phone. This is the main cause of quick battery life failure. Overcharging may also lead to overheating which may fry up the circuit board of your phone or the other hardware located near the battery. Playing with the phone while being plugged in can lead to fast battery heating as well.

On a personal note, I learned this one the hard way when I damaged my tablet and Smartphone from constant overcharging.

Tip #2

Turn off the apps in the background that you do not need. Game apps running in the background or those that frequently connect to the Internet are among of the main causes of quick Smartphone battery deterioration. Having too many apps being processed by the phone also leads to quick overheating.

Tip #3

According to Apple Support, the batteries of computing devices have internal microprocessors that enable them to estimate the amount of energy they have as they charge or discharge. So, calibrating the Smartphone battery once a month will help the device keep its battery display accurate which would lead to its more efficient operation.

To calibrate your Smartphone battery, simply discharge it until it is empty and then leave it to charge into full power. We advise against doing this frequently though because regularly emptying the battery may lead to its quick deterioration. Once a month as advised by Gizmodo is reasonable.

Tip #4

Plug your phone directly to a power source when charging. Avoid using WiFi chargers or plugging it into an indirect power source like in the USB port of the computer when filling up the battery. Based on Gizmodo, these methods, especially wireless charging, generate too much waste heat which, in the long run, will toast your battery or even the insides of your phone.

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