The Meizu MX4 will launch in two different variants according a Chinese report

Meizu MX4G

We have heard quite a bit about the Meizu MX4 also known as the MX4G over the last few weeks. And today we’re coming across some interesting bit of information on this powerhouse. According to a report, Meizu will launch two variants of the MX4. One of these variants will be ultra high end as it will sport a 2560×1440 resolution 2K display, while the other will sport a standard 1080p display which is what we see on most current flagships. It’s not known as to how Meizu will market these two smartphones, but we’re guessing they will be priced differently so as to not divide sales.

The high end variant will be known as the MX4 Pro apparently. It is being said that either one of these variants will sport something known as the Lytro camera, to make it stand out from the crowd, although we have no idea as to what it is or what it does. The 1080p variant will reportedly sport the MediaTek octa core chipset, while there’s no word on what the QHD variant of the smartphone would feature. With the company’s plans to expand into the U.S., we have every reason to be excited. Smartphones like these will certainly make a huge impact if launched in the U.S. and priced competitively. We expect to learn more about these smartphones at the upcoming CES event.

Source: GizChina

Via: Talk Android