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Teardown video of Nexus 5 provides useful repairing tips

Nexus 5 TeardownThe folks at ETrade Supply have uploaded a very helpful teardown video of the LG Nexus 5 smartphone, which apart from showing you the internal components of the smartphone, also helps you replace a cracked screen or battery should you ever have an issue with either. The video is interesting if you’re into electronics and want to know your way around a Nexus 5. However, rookies might want to stay out of this one as even one small move could potentially ruin the device. The video is 33 minutes in length and details almost every opening of the device, so bookmark the video on your DIY help guides if you own a Nexus 5.

The purpose of the video is to educate users regarding screen replacement in the event of a crack or any other damage, and it does its job fairly well. Luckily, the video sheds light on both the variants of the Nexus 5 (D820 and D821). The Nexus 5 is not as shatter friendly as the Nexus 4, but is still capable of damage under severe circumstances, so the video could come in handy to those unlucky users. Check out the video below to know how it’s done.

Source: ETrade Supply

Via: Talk Android

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