T-Mobile strengthens LTE coverage after acquiring spectrum from MetroPCS

T-Mobile LogoT-Mobile recently acquired a substantial amount of 4G LTE spectrum from MetroPCS which now allows the carrier to increase connectivity in coverage areas. T-Mobile is still a new player in the 4G LTE segment, so this acquisition couldn’t have come at a better time for the Uncarrier. Although the carrier has closed the deal with MetroPCS, T-Mobile users will not be able to use all of it just yet as it will come to fruition next year.

Verizon recently stepped up its game in the 4G LTE segment after the AWS spectrum acquisition, but T-Mobile’s 20-by-20 and 10-by-10 service will be compatible with almost any 4G LTE device on T-Mobile’s networks, so hardware is not a concern. T-Mobile expects to have the 10-by-10 service in over 40 of the top 50 American markets in the next few weeks. The carrier has been reportedly working on the 20-by-20 LTE service for quite some time, according to the VP of the T-Mobile Network, Grant Castle. So if you’re a T-Mobile customer and rely on the carrier’s 4G LTE networks, things are about to change soon.

Via: Android Community

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