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T-Mobile offering Samsung’s Galaxy lineup with $0 down

T-Mobile DealThe Uncarrier T-Mobile has launched a new striking promotion on Samsung’s Galaxy devices by offering them all for $0 down. T-Mobile has even posted a video about this where it mentions how there are very little hassles and no running around for upgrades. It gets a lot interesting towards the end though, as the video says “No Annual Service Contracts, No Upgrade Run-Around And The Best Part, No AT&T.” which is a direct jibe at the nation’s second largest carrier. T-Mobile and AT&T have exchanged punches on several occasions and T-Mobile always comes up with the most innovative ways to hit back at AT&T, and we can say it has succeeded yet again.

Speaking of the deal in question, all Samsung Galaxy devices, including the Galaxy S4, the Galaxy Note 3 and every recent Galaxy device that comes to memory will be offered with the $0 down promotion (for qualifying customers). T-Mobile has a strong reputation to maintain, so ads like these do help in maintaining that bad boy image the company has created.

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Via: Talk Android

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