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T-Mobile could soon be acquired by Japanese telecommunications giant SoftBank

T-Mobile SoftBankWhile most of us are busy speculating about T-Mobile’s new Uncarrier 4.0 plan which is to be shown off at the CES, it is believed that the carrier could soon be acquired by Japanese telecommunications company SoftBank. It is being said that the two companies are currently discussing funding, and we should hopefully have a word on the status soon.

According to reports, this deal could be worth over $20 billion. Some might feel that’s not a lot for a company like T-Mobile which is considered to be one of the most people friendly carriers in the U.S. The deal is far from being finalized though as the American regulators will have to give the final go ahead for the deal. Interestingly, the amount being offered here is almost half as much as what AT&T offered in 2011, which was about $39 billion, but since SoftBank is said to be in quite a lot of debt already, the agreed amount has come down substantially.

According to a banking source in Tokyo quoted by The Chicago Tribune – “More than the financial and funding aspects, there are likely concerns in the United States about how much Son, head of a foreign company, can really open up mobile infrastructure there, and whether the deal would obstruct healthy competition“.

Source: The Chicago Tribune

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