How to Switch Galaxy Note 3 to 3G

how to switch Galaxy Note 3 to 3G

An email recently came in The Droid Guy Mailbag which reads, “I purchased a Samsung Galaxy  Note 3 model N900T in Ghana. It’s an unlocked T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3. But there is this problem am facing whenever I turn on my mobile data. It can take so many minutes and even sometimes hours for it start working as in seeing the 4G signal up there.  Sometimes, I need to restart my phone several times before I get the mobile data working. The weird aspect is that sometimes as soon as I turn the data on, it starts working immediately but mostly it doesn’t.  I contacted my network operator Vodafone Gh to make inquiries but all they said was that my phone was an LTE phone and that it’s only 3G that’s available in Ghana. So that may be the reason for mine being unstable.  But the thing is my friend who is  using a Galaxy Note 2 T-Mobile LTE unlocked model isn’t facing this problem.  The only difference is that he is on a different network operator, Tigo. What could be the problem here? Should I return the phone for a 3G edition or what? Thanks.”

Looking at the details, even if your available network is 3G, your phone should be able to detect it when its network mode selection has been set to Automatic. If not, you might want to try switch your phone’s connectivity to 3G.

Here are the steps on how to switch Galaxy Note 3 to 3G from its 4G/LTE connectivity:

1. Open Menu

2. Go to Settings

3. On the Connections tab, choose More Networks under Network Connections

4. Select Mobile Networks

5. Tap Network Mode

6. Choose CDMA to utilize only the 3G connectivity of your phone

7. Confirm your action by tapping the Ok button when a confirmation message appears

8. Allow your phone to restart

Your preferred network shall be set once the phone reboots. So, that’s how to switch Galaxy Note 3 to 3G.

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