Sprint’s EVO 4G LTE to receive Android 4.3 from mid-February


Back in October, HTC and Sprint came out with the good news that the EVO 4G LTE would be making the jump to Android 4.3 by the end of this year. However, that announcement has been followed by complete silence on the matter, with the update nowhere in sight as we approach the end of this rather eventful year. But that’s going to be changing soon, as HTC President Jason MacKenzie has announced on Twitter that Sprint’s variant of the HTC One X will be getting updated to Android 4.3 from mid-February.

According to MacKenzie, an unspecified issue caused the delay in the update’s proposed rollout schedule, and Sprint will now begin testing the update in the middle of January. The update will be a major one for the device, which has been stuck on Android 4.1 since late last year, bringing in a new interface through the Sense 5 UI, and all the features from both Android 4.2.2 and Android 4.3, including lockscreen widgets, quick settings in the status bar, Daydream screensaver mode, improved actionable notifications, faster performance with the introduction of TRIM functionality for the filesystem, always-on background location scanning even when Wi-Fi is off, and general performance and stability improvements.

There’s no word on whether Android 4.4 will ever make its way to the EVO 4G LTE – even the One X hasn’t been said to be officially receiving KitKat, so Android 4.3 could be the last update for HTC’s 2012 flagship and its variants.

Via: @JasonMacHTC [1][2]