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Sprint Moto X getting the Android 4.4 update

Sprint Moto X Numerous user reports are claiming that the Sprint variant of the Moto X is now getting the Android 4.4 update, weeks after other variants of the smartphone got the update. The smartphone is certainly one of the best of the year, and given the company’s association with Google, updates have begun flowing quicker than ever. This is quite strange as Motorola was almost on the bottom of the pile in terms of software support. The Sprint variant is the last of the carrier variants to get the update, so if you have been waiting impatiently for an update on your Sprint Moto X while the rest of the carrier variants got it, now is the time to rejoice. However it is advised to be patient as it might take some time before the update hits the entirety of the U.S.

Android 4.4 on the Moto X will introduce a completely overhauled UI and some major under the hood tweaks as well. Users will also see improvements made to Motorola’s stock apps/features like Active Display, Always on Mic and several other features. So if you thought your Moto X was smart, well it just got smarter with this update.

Via: Android Central

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