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Sony’s “BT Wrist Notifier” lands at the FCC for certification

Sony Smartwatch 2Sony is one of the many manufacturers set to take center stage at the upcoming CES event in Las Vegas. A list of leaked smartphone and tablet model numbers gave us some idea of what to expect from the Japanese manufacturer during the event, but a new FCC certification for a Sony device has revealed the existence of another unique device. This device is called the “BT Wrist Notifier” (SWR10) which sounds rather strange. But from what we can gather, it appears to be a Galaxy Gear or Pebble like device with the ability to display alerts and notifications.

This is slightly odd as Sony has already launched a couple of Smartwatches since 2012 including the recently launched Smartwatch 2. But we’re guessing Sony’s goal here will be to market this is as a low cost replacement to the Galaxy Gear and Pebble with similar functionality. The listing also reveals NFC and Bluetooth connectivity, which is a prerequisite for a device of this stature. There’s no word on the hardware, but we expect to learn more during CES. It will be interesting to see if this will be a replacement to the Sony Smartwatch or a new series of Sony wearables.

Source: FCC

Via: Talk Android

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