How to solve problem on Quick Glance feature Not Working on Samsung Galaxy S4

Quick Glance is one of Samsung Galaxy S4 features that detect gestures at a distance through its front-facing sensors, even when the device is inactive or sleeping. It allows users to preview the date, time, notifications and other details without having to wake up the phone. Given the device sensor is all good, users should have no problem using Quick Glance. However, if it is not working in your case, then try to check if the feature is enabled. Need further assistance?

Here’s how:

1. Go to the Home Screen and touch the Menu icon.

2. Touch to select Settings from the sub-menu items.

3. Touch to select My Device to continue.

4. Under My Device option, touch to select Motion and Gestures. This will lead you to Air Gesture settings.

NOTE: The process of getting to the Air Gesture settings varies a little for older devices. Here’s how:

a. Touch the Menu icon.

b. Touch to select Settings from the sub-menu.

c. From the Settings sub-menu items, touch to select Motion.

5. Touch the slider button next to Air Gesture. If it says OFF, then slide to turn it ON. Otherwise, leave it ON.

6. To access specific gestures, touch Air Gesture.

7. Touch the slider button next to Quick Glance. If it says OFF, then slide to turn it ON. Doing so enables the function.

8. Touch Quick Glance.

9. Put a check mark next to the notifications you want to activate or enable.

10. Wait a moment until the screen goes blank and test the air gesture.

You now have enabled the Quick Glance features on your Samsung Galaxy S4. You should now be able to select the status information you wish to view.

If problem persists, test the device sensor. It is more likely that Quick Glance will not work because of sensor problems.

A recommended way to use Air Move functions on Samsung Galaxy S4 like Air Move is to simply move your hand above the sensor. Given the feature is already active or set to ENABLE, doing so should display status information. Just be sure to place the device on a flat surface with the display facing upward and the screen is turned off.

Among the status information available for display using Air Glance would include Time & Date, Notification icons, Battery Power, Current Music Info, Missed Calls and Unread Messages.


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