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Soak test invites heading out for Verizon’s DROID trio, could be for Android 4.4 KitKat


With the Moto X having received the Android 4.4 KitKat update less than a month after Google unveiled the latest version of its OS, everyone has been expecting that Motorola will be pushing out quick updates to other devices as well. Now, it looks like the company will be living up to those expectations, as it has begun sending out soak test invites for a forthcoming upgrade for the DROID Maxx, Ultra, and DROID Mini on Verizon, and considering the similarities in hardware between the three devices and the Moto X, this upgrade is almost certain to be the KitKat update.

Motorola is being rather secretive about the update’s details, giving us all the more reason to get excited about the possibility of it being an update to Android 4.4. Of course, it could always turn out to be just a regular update for bug fixes and the like, but again, considering Motorola’s new found focus on releasing quick software updates, owners of the DROID Maxx, DROID Mini and DROID Ultra could be breaking off a piece of KitKat very soon. As always, the soak test will be available only for a select group of people, and if everything goes according to plan, the general Android 4.4 rollout should begin in the next week or so.

Android 4.4 KitKat features faster performance, reduced memory usage, white navigation and status bar buttons and the option to hide them in apps via “immersive mode,” inbuilt printing and NFC tap and pay support, option to specify default text messaging and home (launcher) app in Settings, and more.

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