Saving Webpages in Note 3

Saving Webpages in Note 3

A new email came in The Droid Guy Mailbag about saving webpages in Note 3. The message reads, “Any ideas on how to save a Web page on a Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 3? Thanks!”

Saving Webpages in Note 3

Here are ways to store webpages for future access in your Galaxy Note 3:

Tip #1

You can save webpages on the Galaxy Note 3 by opening its stock browser. Once the page loads successfully, just tap the Menu key and choose the option that says “Save for Offline Viewing”.

To access the pages that you have saved, just select the Bookmarks icon on top of your screen and hit the tab that says “Saved Pages”. Tap the page that you want to view to open it.

Tip #2

Another way to do this is by opening a single webpage in your browser and leave it running in your background so you can view the page on a later time. However, clicking on any of its links or closing the app in the background will let you lose it.

Tip #3

The third alternative for you to be able to store webpages in your phone is by using apps that provide such function in the Google Play store. Some examples of such apps are Offline Browser, Save This Page, Web Snapshots and Instapaper.

Using any of these is simple. For instance, if you have downloaded and installed Offline Browser, all you have to do is open the webpage that you want in your browser, then, simply tap the plus (+) sign to add the page you are currently viewing to your library. The good thing about most of these apps is that they also update the stored webpages whenever your phone connects to the Internet.

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