Samsung’s latest patent filing reveals deeper native support for voice commands

SamsungSamsung is always eager to innovate and bring new features to the table. The company has now applied for a new patent which is not something innovative, but still quite significant as it is coming from Samsung.

This is pertaining to voice commands related to a handheld device and could go a long way in improving the way people interacted with their Samsung smartphones. This works similarly to Apple’s Siri, in that it is capable of receiving voice input from the users and converting that into an actual command. So simply put, you will now be able to open applications and run other native commands, apart from what Google Now or Samsung’s S-Voice does. As one of the patent images rightly depicts, the user will be able to speak out a command like “find pictures of” and then mention the location they were taken in to get a full screen preview of the picture. This will take voice controlled navigation to a whole new level and make devices more interactive than ever.

Samsung Voice Control PatentThe folks at IPWatchdog have briefly discussed a couple of other patents filed by Samsung which could benefit users greatly in the long run. This includes a new 3D GUI for the gallery app which would reportedly allow for more pictures and videos to be shown than usual. This is yet another function which will actually affect and help users in their everyday life. The third of the recently filed patents is related to stitching together multiple images for the background wallpaper without needing a photo editing software. So users can select two or more photos and set it as their wallpaper, without having to go through the trouble of merging them together through another software.

All these patents are sure to make Samsung smartphones a lot more innovative and interactive. We hope to see some of these features implemented in the upcoming Galaxy S5 flagship and its many variants which will inevitably follow.

Via: IPWatchdog