Samsung will reportedly launch Galaxy F smartphone with a metal body in mid-2014

Galaxy F

Rumors of Samsung launching a metal clad Galaxy S5 have died down somewhat, with the company reported to go with the tried and tested polycarbonate body. But according to a new report, those rumors might not have been completely wrong. This new report seems to suggest that Samsung will be launching a smartphone called the Galaxy F along with the Galaxy S5, and that device will reportedly feature a metal body much like what we’ve been expecting.

However, there’s no confirmation or legitimate information regarding this, so take it with a pinch of salt for now. The smartphone was developed in Europe and then moved onto Samsung’s newly launched manufacturing unit in Vietnam according to ET News. The Galaxy F will reportedly break cover sometime after the Galaxy S5 so as to not confuse the buyers. The existence of the Galaxy F was revealed way back in September, so this is not the first time we’re coming across the title and certainly not the last. It has been claimed that the Galaxy S series might take a back seat with the Galaxy F continuing the legacy forward.

Source: ET News – Translated

Via: Sam Mobile