Samsung Plugs Security Hole In Galaxy S4 And Galaxy Tab 3

Do you own a Samsung Galaxy S4 or a Galaxy Tab3? It’s probably best to change the password of your Samsung account right now. This after German based company MediaTest Digital was able to confirm that both devices were transmitting important information from the Samsung account such as name, email address, and even passwords. The company specializes in testing the security of apps and mobile devices.


MediaTest then informed German tech news company Heise Security about the issue. The media company was able to confirm that a security flaw did exist which prompted them to inform Samsung South Korea. It seems that Samsung took the mater seriously and in only 5 days after the report was made to them they had announced that the security hole has already been plugged. There are still no follow up tests conducted by third parties to confirm if indeed the security issue has been fixed already.

This issue occurs when a potential hacker is on the same WiFi network as the Galaxy S4 or the Galaxy Tab 3. They will be able to gain access to the Samsung account of an individual which not only contains the backup information of the device but location data as well. If an account has been hacked into the hacker can locate the precise location of the owner of the device, get a glimpse of the owners’ movements in a 12 hour period, place call redirects, check the calling lists, and even lock the owner from his or her device.

If you own any of the two affected devices then it is highly recommended that you change your password immediately from the Samsung account website and not on your mobile device. New users should also register their accounts on the Samsung website as well.

With a lot of people concerned about privacy and security lately it is very important to take all the necessary precautions to safeguard our data.

via heise