Samsung Plans for 2014 Focuses on Tablets with Metal Mesh Technology

Samsung Plans for 2014

A report from ETNews, a Korean IT news provider, revealed that Samsung plans for 2014 is more focused on the tablet PC. The source claimed that Samsung Electronics will incorporate the metal mesh touch screen panel to its tablet PC releases on 2014.

Advantages of Metal Mesh Panels

The article pointed out that the metal mesh frames will offer a lot of advantages for both the company and its consumers. The new tablet displays will have lower surface resistance which will allow them to be more flexible. Then, such panels will be easier and cheaper to produce which indicates that Samsung will be able to mass produce them quickly and the company will also be able to keep the prices of its future tablets at an affordable rate.

The lower cost of production will be made possible too by the lack of a dedicated digitizer chip for its tablets. The metal mesh panels alone will allow Samsung to incorporate its stylus recognition without the need of a special digitizer chip.

Status of the Metal Mesh Technology

As of December 3, the Advanced Development Team of the Wireless Business Division at Samsung Electronics has already received the 7 to 8-inch metal mesh touch screen panels from both domestic and overseas suppliers according to ETNews. Currently, the company is conducting its reliability test.

The reliability test is expected to last until the end of 2013 and Samsung plans for 2014 includes integrating the metal mesh touch screen panel to its tablets by the first half of 2014.

Samsung is on a Roll

It seems that consumers are in for a treat again from the giant Korean electronics firm. In addition to the newer and cheaper tablets, Samsung plans for 2014 definitely look exciting with the rumored release of its Galaxy Grand and Galaxy Note 3 variants. Top it all up with the impending release of its new flagship phone, the Galaxy S5.

Source: ETNews