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Samsung Market Share in US Shows Continuous Growth

Samsung Market Share in US
This table shows Samsung market share in the US as of October 2013 as well as the individual shares of other major players in the US Smartphone industry. (Source: comScore)

comScore, an Internet technology company dedicated in studying the current trends in the digital world, recently released the key trends in the US Smartphone industry based on their study conducted last October. The report revealed a continuous growth in Samsung market share which increased to 1.3 percent in contrast to comScore’s previous survey in July.

The Samsung market share, in comparison to the shares of its major competitors in the US, is the only one that gained more than one-point growth as Apple only displayed a 0.2 percent growth while Motorola only had 0.1.

Currently, the giant Korean tech firm holds 25.4 percent in terms of market share in the US. So far, it has the second biggest slice in the US market as Apple still dominates it with a 40.6 percent share. Others such as Motorola, HTC and LG only have a single-digit shares in the market based on the source (7 percent, 6.7 percent and 6.6 percent respectively).

The data further showed that HTC lost 1.3 percent of its market while LG lost 0.2 percent.

Samsung is expected to show significant growth especially in 2014 when it releases its new Smartphone and tablet variants as well as other new devices. So far, news have been going around lately that the company is preparing to launch the Galaxy Tab 3 Lite, Galaxy Grand Lite, Galaxy Note 3 Lite and others.

Android Still Rules

It is also worth noting that Android is still the top Smartphone platform in the US. Data from the research showed that its share in the US market has grown 0.4 percent from July to October this year with a present share of 52.2 percent. Apple’s IOS share tails behind with 46 percent while BlackBerry, Microsoft and Symbian only have single-digit shares (3.6 percent, 3.2 percent and 0.2 percent respectively).

Source: comScore

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