Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite Release Scheduled in January 2014

Galaxy Tab 3 Lite set in January 2014

We have heard of Samsung already preparing for the release of several variants of its popular devices like the Galaxy Grand Lite and Galaxy Note 3 Lite. A couple of hours ago, we received a word that Samsung is set to include another device called the Galaxy Tab 3 Lite in January 2014. The rumor once again originated from SamMobile, which claimed that it came from one of their trusted insiders within Samsung Electronics.

Galaxy Tab 3 Lite Specs

According to the rumor, the new device carries the model number SM-T11. However, there are no information yet of what this new tablet has in store for users in terms of its technical specs. But, stating the obvious and as the name of the device implies, it is a trimmed down version of the original Galaxy Tab 3 so its specs are expected to be quite respectable.

The insider, based on the source, mentioned that the upcoming device will carry a price tag of around 100 Euros. If this is true, then, the Galaxy Tab 3 Lite would be the cheapest Samsung tablet ever made in the market today.

The new tab variant will be available in Wi-Fi and 3G versions. The report said that the Galaxy Lite 3 Wi-Fi version will come in a Cream White casing and it is expected to hit the market first around the second week of 2014. The Galaxy Tab 3 3G version is expected to follow around the third week. The Ebony Black color for both releases will probably come in weeks four and six said the report.

Samsung Spamming the Market

While several online publications criticize Samsung for apparently spamming the market with their “Lite” products, I personally think that their move to introduce cheaper and mid-spec variants for their popular Android devices will allow more consumers to get a taste of their devices.

Source: SamMobile