Samsung Galaxy S5 won’t feature a metal body: Rumor

Metal Galaxy S5As we inch closer to 2014, rumors of the Samsung Galaxy S5 will evidently start increasing in frequency. We had one yesterday which pegged a 2K resolution display and an Iris scanner to be present on the device, but what we hear today is a bit of bad news. Contrary to innumerable reports in the past, this new rumor claims that Samsung won’t go with a metal body for the new Galaxy S5 and will instead stick with the tried and tested polycarbonate body.However, Digitimes claims that Samsung will go with a fiberglass/plastic or carbon fiber/plastic material rather than plain plastic or polycarbonate to give users that premium feel which has never existed in Samsung smartphones. This is another one of those rumors which could go either way, so we’re not really sure if there’s any weight in it. But given the profits Samsung is making on its existing lineup of flagships, it was always going to be unlikely that Samsung would spend more on R&D of a new design. Samsung fans will hope these rumors are false and that Samsung actually launches a proper metal Galaxy S5 in March or early April, but there’s really no way to make sure at this point.

Source: Digitimes

Via: Android Beat