Samsung Galaxy S5 to launch with a 2K display and Iris Scanner: Rumor

Samsung Galaxy S5We’ve had our fair share of Galaxy S5 rumors from the past several weeks. But according to a new rumor, Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S5 early next year with a 2K display and not a full HD panel as originally rumored. Given the technological advancements we’ve seen over the last couple of months, it doesn’t surprise us that Samsung would launch a smartphone with a 2K display. Lesser known manufacturers are already launching 2K display smartphones, so it’s only fair to assume that Samsung would follow suit too. The Galaxy S5 would also reportedly feature an Iris Scanner, which has been rumored in the past as well. This technology is reportedly being used in place of the fingerprint scanner which according to the company isn’t fully matured for smartphones yet. We can also expect the smartphone to sport a metal body as several rumors have indicated. The last bit of rumor is a little hard to believe as it claims the smartphone will be unveiled during the annual MWC event in February, while it is historically known that Samsung likes to hold a standalone event separately for its Galaxy flagships. We can expect more information to come along our way as we inch closer to the event, but as of now this is all the information we have.

Source: ZDNet Korea – Translated

Via: Talk Android