Samsung Galaxy S5 Candidate (SM-G900S) Surfaces Online with 2K Display and Android 4.4

Ladies and gentlemen, the day has come. The day all unsubstantiated Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors, questionable declassified reports and fishy anonymous tips start gaining credence. The day we stop dreaming with our eyes open for utopian features and begin asking the age-old question: are we looking at a full-on, major upgrade or a minor, incremental little boost?


Right off the bat, I’d like to make something very clear. The Samsung SM-G900S, which someone on the inside took for a quick benchmarking spin through GFX Bench, may not be the Galaxy S5. There’s no apparent connection between its model number and strings designated to hide the real, market names of the S3 and S4.

Instead, SM-G900S is oddly similar to SM-G910, the codename of Samsung’s first curved display handheld, the Galaxy Round. So why couldn’t this be a sequel of the Round? Simple, because it’s far too soon for Samsung to have that kind of follow-up so close to a commercial launch.

It’s not too soon however to put the finishing touches on the GS5, especially if rumors of a January formal intro are to be trusted. And they sure make sense, since it’s no grand secret the Galaxy S4 is no longer winning the big points at the box-office.


But let’s assume the SM-G900S is indeed one and the same with the S5. What sort of specs does GFX Bench’s database suggests the phone will rock? First off, there’s pre-loaded Android 4.4 KitKat, a detail that definitely supports the theory we’re dealing with a genuinely top-shelf device.

Then you got a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 CPU, coupled with Adreno 330 graphics, which sounds like the high-end standard these days and thus not mind-blowingly exciting for a beast of the future. Or does it?

Well, the S800 inside the SM-G900S is no regular S800, being clocked at 2.4 GHz and therefore either an 8974AB unit or 8974AC. Sure, Snapdragon 805 would have been even better, but testing of that particular SoC is only slated for a February or March 2014 start.


And now, the kicker. The Samsung SM-G900S boasts a display resolution of, drum rolls please, 2,560 x 1,440. Mind-blowing? You can say that again, albeit technically the S5 has minuscule odds of being the world’s first phone with 2K, 2K HD, QHD, Quad HD resolution, or however you prefer calling it. Chinese no-name OEM Vivo is close to snatching the honor, but hey, in the grand scheme of things, the Xplay 3S is to be a mere blip on Sammy’s radar.

Anything else the benchmarking test reveals on this very likely Galaxy S5 suspect? Not really, though many other pieces of the puzzle have been uncovered by various sources of late, so an all-metal body, panel measuring 5 or 5.2 inches (with resulting 587 or 565 ppi), 16 MP rear-facing camera and 4 GB RAM are in the cards.

The mythical 64-bit Exynos 6 CPU is in contention as well, probably as an “international” alternative for the upgraded Snapdragon 800, to be used exclusively in North America. So what say you, dear readers, full-on, major upgrade over the GS4 or minor, incremental little boost?

Via [GFX Bench]

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  1. Its all about the battery for me – what good is that fancy display or that camera or that 4g if the phone won’t even turn on?

  2. the way the Round was curved made it more comfortable in hand for a big screensize. And it fits in your pocket alot easier than the way this one is curved.

  3. honestly I didn’t understand why the Round was curved that way. does not fit well against your head when making a call and I would think the vertical bend would be better for games.

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