Samsung Galaxy S4 Wi-Fi Disconnects During Sleep

Samsung Galaxy S4 Wi-Fi Disconnects During Sleep

A new message came in Mailbag about a Samsung Galaxy S4 Wi-Fi disconnects during sleep issue. The email reads, “I have read many posts about Wi-Fi disconnecting randomly, but that is not my issue. I am trying to prevent the Wi-Fi from disconnecting when it is not being used, for example, when it goes into idle mode. I am unable to stop this from happening, as soon as the phone is idle for 10 minutes or so, the WiFi disconnects until I wake up the phone. I am sure there is a really simple way round it but I am unable to find it.”

Possible Causes of the Galaxy S4 Wi-Fi Disconnects During Sleep Problem and Solutions

Before blaming the problem on anything, see to it that your Wi-Fi Sleep Policy configuration is properly set. This option can be accessed using the steps below:

  • From the Homescreen, press Menu
  • Go to Settings
  • Proceed to Wireless & Networks
  • Choose Wi-Fi Settings
  • Tap Menu followed by Go Advanced
  • Open Wi-Fi Sleep Policy
  • Tap the radio button beside Never

If you have confirmed that your Wi-Fi/Sleep configuration is correct yet the issue still takes place, restart your device and then try disabling your battery saving apps for the meantime. Observe if the problem persists after disabling your battery-saving apps.

When the suggested solution does not work, try recalling other third-party apps that you have recently installed prior to the problem and disable them momentarily (or better, uninstall them) while you observe if the trouble still occurs.

Once you have tried everything, but to no avail, it is possible that corrupted system files are causing the Galaxy S4 Wi-Fi disconnects during sleep problem. If this is the case, make sure that you have backed up all your important data and perform a Factory Reset.

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