Samsung Galaxy S4 Smart Pause Feature Not Working [Solution]

As the name implies, Smart Pause is among the new clever features as such with Smart Rotation and Smart Scroll, embedded into the latest Samsung Galaxy S4 device. The feature works in a way that would allow users to pause a video playback in the easiest and fastest manner — by simply looking away from the device screen. In case you notice the Smart Pause feature is not working on your device, follow these steps:

  1. Locate and touch the MENU icon from the Home screen.
  2. Touch to select SETTINGS from the sub-menu items.
  3. Touch to select MY DEVICE from the next page.
  4. Touch to select SMART SCREEN to access and verify Smart Pause feature settings.
  5. Put a check mark next to SMART PAUSE. Doing so will enable the feature on your device.
  6. Touch OK to continue and save current changes made to the device settings.
  7. Test the Smart Pause feature to see if it really works as it should.

Precise Way to use Smart Pause:

  1. Press the Power button.
  2. Swipe the screen to unlock.
  3. Tap Settings and then tap to select My Device.
  4. Tap Smart Screen.
  5. Tick the box next to Smart Pause.
  6. Carefully read and understand the given instructions.
  7. Tap OK to continue.
  8. Press the Home button.
  9. Tap Apps.
  10. Tap Gallery and then tap to select Video.
  11. Look at the screen until the eye icon shows up in the status bar.
  12. Look away from the screen to pause.
  13. Look back at the screen to resume playback.


There are some other factors that would likely cause problem to the Smart Pause feature, even after enabling the function. These would include the following:

– The front camera is not able to detect your face and eyes.

Resolution: Position your eyes and eyes correctly.

– The source of light is behind you.

Resolution: Be sure to use the device in a well-lit area, not in the dark.

– Another application is currently using the front camera.

Resolution: Make sure you have closed any other running application that potentially causes conflict.

– Pop up windows or messages are currently being displayed.

Resolution: In this case, opening of multiple applications or windows is highly discouraged.

– Other gestures, like Air View are currently in use.

Resolution: Be sure to close any other gestures to isolate the problem cause.

– Active connection to an external video device using AllShare Cast or HDMI.

Resolution: Remove any existing external connections to any video device.

Smart Pause feature overview

The Smart Pause feature utilizes an eye recognition technology that will sense if you are looking at the device using the front camera. If it senses you are looking away from the display, then automatically, the video pauses in the right place.

If you are certain the Smart Pause feature is already enabled and that all possible affecting factors (mentioned above) have been thoroughly assessed, yet still the problem persists, then try testing the Front Camera to see if it really works just fine. There is a higher possibility that the problem is already triggered by front camera flaw. In this case, a different resolution procedure would be necessary.


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