Samsung Galaxy S4 Blocked Contact Still Sends SMS or Calls

Samsung Galaxy S4 Blocked Contact Still Sends SMS or Calls

Recently, we received a message in Mailbag that says, I blocked a certain contact in my Galaxy S4 because he keeps on calling me or sending me SMS for me to avail of a certain product that his company is selling. But the problem is that the Galaxy S4 blocked contact still sends SMS or calls. It is very annoying because the texts and calls would just come in anytime. Is there a way to solve this problem?

Possible Solutions to a Galaxy S4 Blocked Contact Still Sends SMS or Calls Problem

If you are experiencing a problem wherein your Samsung Galaxy S4 blocked contact still sends SMS or calls you similar to this issue related to us by a user through Mailbag, here are the possible solutions for it.

1. Register the Number Again Under Blocked List

Restart your device or do a Soft Reset (hold the Power/Lock button for 10 seconds until the device reboots). Then, use the steps enumerated in the article Samsung Galaxy S4 Call and SMS Blocking to block a contact from sending texts or placing calls to your phone.

2. Use Apps

Some telemarketers are using top of the line technology to bypass the blocking features of Smartphones. They can either mask the number that they are using via spoofing to appear anonymous or use VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

So, in addition to the native call and SMS blocking functions of your phone, use an app that will let you effectively filter unknown callers. You can easily find these apps through Google Play. Some examples of popular apps that are capable of blocking anonymous callers or texters are Call Control, CallFilter and Call Blocker.

Be sure to configure the app properly or read the technical description and user feedbacks of the app that you are considering before using it because some may completely block all unknown callers or senders which you will find very problematic if someone in your contacts changes his or her number all of a sudden.

3. Politely Ask the Caller to Stop

A practical alternative if you do not want to go over the whole trouble of blocking someone or getting apps just to avoid him or her, simply politely ask the person to stop calling or sending you SMS because you are not interested about the product that he or she is selling.

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