Samsung Galaxy S3 Software Update Problem

galaxy s3 software update problem

A message about a Samsung Galaxy S3 software update issue just came in Mailbag today which reads, “Hi! I have a Galaxy Samsung S3 software update problem. When I tried to update the software a message always shows up saying ‘Access to the software update service is provided to users in the order in which they request it. Try later.’ I’m from Asia specifically from the Philippines but I bought my phone in China. I hope you can give me some solutions on how I can update my phone. Thanks and more power to you sir! God bless.”

Possible Causes of the Galaxy S3 Software Update Issue

According to forums in AndroidCentral and Phandroid, the following factors may likely cause the Galaxy S3 software update error message:

1. The update is already available in your region but it is not yet rolling out to your device.

2. Server problem on the side of your carrier.

3. Your request to download the update has been put on queue.

Likely Fix for the Galaxy S3 Software Update Problem

If you are experiencing the problem due to the huge amount of simultaneous downloads of the update in the area or you have been put on queue, simply wait a couple of hours and try again.

If you can’t wait any longer or the processing of your request takes longer than usual, here is another solution suggested by How-To Tech Guru:

1. Download and install the updated version of Samsung Kies in your computer.

2. Connect your Galaxy S3 to your computer using its USB cable.

3. Allow Kies to detect your Smartphone and check for firmware updates.

4. If there are updates, Kies will display it in your monitor.

5. Select whether you want to install the update with or without backing up your device.

6. Wait until the download and installation finishes.

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Source: AndroidCentral, Phandroid, How-To Tech Guru

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