Samsung Galaxy S3 Problem: No SMS After Airplane Mode

No SMS After Airplane Mode

Here is a question from a Galaxy S3 user asking why he has received no SMS after Airplane Mode was turned off:

“After traveling for a couple of months and having my Samsung Galaxy S3 under Airplane Mode, I finally turned off the feature when I arrived home. However, it was very strange that I received no SMS after Airplane Mode was turned off. Is there a way to retrieve the messages sent to me while I was gone? Thanks.”

Answer to the No SMS After Airplane Mode Issue

Basing from experience, all the SMS sent to your phone while you were under Airplane Mode should come back once you turn off that feature. There is only a bit of a delay before they all arrive. Sometimes, the delay ranges up to an hour or even half day depending on your network.

However, in the case that you were gone for more than a month may already be an exemption. In my case, I was only gone for a few days that’s why I was still able to get all the SMS that were sent to me. So, all sent messages may only be stored within the network for a couple of days in order to avoid flooding their servers. This is confirmed in the forum of AT&T.

Upon searching for answers, I came across the forum of AT&T which stated that messages delivered to a person while in Airplane Mode is only kept in the carrier’s system for up to seven days only. During that time, the carrier will automatically attempt to deliver the message for the duration of seven days. But if the message does not reach its destination after the stated period, it will be deleted automatically.

This probably applies to other networks but with differing durations in terms of the storage of unreceived messages in their systems.

Now, if the messages have already been deleted from the system of your carrier, then, there is no longer a way to retrieve them.

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